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Hayden Assets that are being depreciated are written off over a period of years, known as the “write off period” (also known “recovery period”). 

Here are the write off periods for assets most used by Idaho businesses and farmers:

3 Years: Coeur d’ Alene Idaho web site design and software. 

Semi-trucks (not trailers). Racehorses over two years old. All horses over twelve years old. Hogs.

5 Years: office equipment and computers. 

Some electronic equipment. Most equipment used for research and experimentation. Carpeting. Movable partitions. Appliance and furniture in residential rental property. Cars, trucks (other than semi-trucks), other alternative energy property. Portable gasoline storage tanks. Farm machinery and equipment. Cattle, sheep, and goats.

7 Years: Post Falls Machinery. 

Equipment. Tools. Furniture. Store fixtures. Small signs. Railroad track. Horses other than those listed und “3 years.”

15 Years: large Idaho outdoor signs. 

Sandpoint Gas stations, including their mini-marts (with some exceptions). Intangible property such as goodwill, trademark, trade names, franchise, customer lists, and covenants not to compete. Domain names purchased from a reseller. Patents and copyrights if acquired as part of a business you are buying (see other below). Leasehold improvements. Restraint and retail renovations.

20 Years: some farm buildings.

27 ½ years: residential rental buildings.

39 years: all buildings other than a residential rental property, farm buildings, restraint, and retail renovations, and some gas government.

Other: patents and copyrights are depreciated over the life granted by the government.