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Top-Rated Accounting, Bookkeeping & Tax

Bookkeeping done by Accountants!

Coeur d’Alene Accounting was established in 1998 and has since went on to be a well known firm that helps clients dramatically lower their tax liabilities and maintain excellent financial records. Their business accounting, bookkeeping and tax law specialties, along with their top-notch customer service puts them in first place.

Need Help But Don't Know where to go?

Call today to discuss your needs with an Accountant who specializes in business and taxes – at no cost.

Full-Service Bookkeeping

$50 Hour Flat Rate

Full-Service clients receive accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll at a flat rate of $50 per hour. This also includes half-off consultation fees, 24/7 access to a tax law expert, along with the ability to text for immediate response.

100% of all services are handled by their highly experienced accountants, which ensures that your records yield a lower tax liability then if your books where maintained elsewhere.

Full Service clients are automatically eligible to have CDA Accounting prepare their Personal and Business Taxes. 

Experience our award winning services!

See What You Get

Yes, we do things a little different then other accounting firms. We focus on providing the best customer service available, lowering clients tax liabilities, and offering immediate access to an accountant 24/7.


Includes financial statement preparation and QuickBooks corrections & catch-up.


You will get a special number that you can text for immediate response.


Posting & categorizing, chart of accounts, reconciliation, sales tax etc.

24/7 Access

You will have access to our accountants seven days per week from 8AM to 9PM.


We handle your payroll from simple to complex in one or more states.

Tax Law

A tax law expert is available to Full-Service clients for questions & guidance.

File A Business

All Packages INclude

  • 15 Minute Business Formation Consultation to Lower Taxes and Protect Personal Assets.
  • LLC, Partnership, S Corporation, C Corporation, Non-Profit.
  • Register in any State in the United States.
  • Operating Agreements and or Corporate Bylaws.
  • Federal Tax Identification Number EIN.
  • All Filling Fees Included.

We offer Bank Ready Business Formation Packages, that will get you started the right way. Our clients have lower tax liabilities than those who attempt to DIY the business formation process, or those who use other firms in our area. Knowledge has always been power, but for those who are starting a business it means lower taxes and greater personal protection.

Our Business Startup service don’t stop there, we will handle all of your Idaho & Washington Business License.

Learn More About Us!

Its never to late to lower your tax liabilities and put your business financial records in good order. CDA Accounting will listen to your needs and help you improve your financial situation fast. Whether your business is new or existing you will benefit by working with our firm.

Serving North Idaho & Spokane

Our Services


General ledger & financial statement preparation, Accounting system setup for new businesses, Personal financial statements, budgeting and financial projections, & business plans.


Highly rated full-service bookkeeping with ALL work being handled by our Accountants. Services include posting & categorizing transactions, chart of accounts, reconciliation, sales & use tax, and much more. 

Tax Returns

Specializing in personal & business, multi state, C Corporations, S Corporations, LLC, Partnerships, Joint Ventures, 1099, Sole Proprietor, back taxes and more. All prices are upfront before you start. 

Business Formation

Offering complete “Bank Account Ready” New Business Formations, Elections and Conversions. LLC, PLLC, Partnership, S Corporation, S Corp Election, C Corporation, Non-Profits, & Late Filings.


Providing training, setup, ongoing support, corrections, large clean-ups, QuickBooks bookkeeping, converting out-dated desktop version to QuickBooks Online, and much more. 


30-Minute to 1-Hour Phone Consultations where clients can ask Business or Tax related questions. Available to new & existing clients with no restrictions. Price is based on complexity.

Additional Services

License & Permits

Tax Resolution

S Corporations

Business Plan

Business Startup

Bookkeeping Cleanup

Book a Free Call Back with us.

  • Same Day Appointments
  • Certified Professionals
  • We’ll Help You Grow

Call: (208) 417-1769

Email: contact@cdaaccounting.com

CDA Bookkeeping

It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This.

Coeur d’Alene Accounting is certified with the top 43 major organizations from SBA, NFIB, BBB, NAFE, NEW, SBM, TAB, to the Conference Board. Their premium financial services are aimed at lowering their clients tax liabilities, and helping them achieve superior growth.

Enjoy 100% handcrafted, high-quality advanced Accounting strategies typically only available to the top wealthiest companies – now made accessible to their clients at affordable prices. Their services are known for building long-lasting permanent results, lowering tax liabilities, increased profits, and a strong foundation for the savvy business owner.

Lower Tax Liabilities

Helping clients achieve the lowest tax liability possible with their superior tax knowlegde and providing proper deduction Education to clients.

Grow Big, Profit More!

Clients grow on an average of 40% more by achieving dramatically lower taxes, and profitable growth.




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