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CDA Accounting

Get your business Accounting & Bookkeeping in order or have us handle your new Business Formation.



Coeur d’Alene

Financial Freedom!


All our services are done by hand by our Cooperative Members.

High Quality

Experience high quality Accounting, Bookkeeping & Business services.


We are certified by Idaho State & Federal Organizations.


We are a recognized Equal Member Cooperative Accounting Firm.

New Business Formation

Accounting Services

Bookkeeping Services

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Clean Books

Organized accounting records helps you acheive financial freedom
Regular bookkeeping ensures accuracy

Having regular bookkeeping services allows you to make real-time decisions with accurate financial data.

Accounting Keeps You GAP Compliant

Accounting services gives you the peace of mind that your GAP Compliant to lower State & Federal taxes, to oversee in-house bookkeeping staff, theft prevention, and preparation of financial statements.

Professionally Formed Business Entity

We have “Bank Ready Packages” that includes everything you need to operate legally and open a business bank account.

All Business Questions are Important

Our 30-Minute Phone Consultation is a great way to get general business or tax questions answered.

CO-OP Members



We Help Our Clients Grow!
We offer our clients the highest rated Accounting, Bookkeeping and Business Formation Services in Idaho. All services are handled by our Owner/Cooperative members.
We do not hire employees, interns or outsource to other countries to handle our clients workflow. Pick up the phone and call us right now to see why we are considered the best!

Work with Us

We provide our clients with professionaly maintained Accounting Records GAP Approved!

GAP Approved Accounting Methods

Low Flat Rate Bookkeeping Prices

Best Customer Service

Real-time Accurate Financial Data

We're Easy to Work With

Military Grade Tech Security

Email, Text & Video Chat

Achieve Financial Freedom

Price List

Low Flat Rate Hourly Price

Reserved for our weekly ongoing Bookkeeping & Accounting clients.

Payroll Management

Payroll Management services are reserved for our weekly ongoing Bookkeeping & Accounting clients and are included in the same flat-rate hourly price.

Business & Personal Tax Return

Business & Personal Tax Return services are reserved for our weekly ongoing Bookkeeping & Accounting clients and are priced seperately.

Phone Consultation

We offer a 30-Minute Phone Consultation where our clients can ask any question related to General Business and/or tax planning.

Business Formation

We offer “Bank Account Ready” New Business Formations, Elections and Conversions. LLC, PLLC, Partnership, S Corporation, S Corp Election, C Corporation & Non-Profits.

No Contract Required

Bank Ready Packages

Form a Business

Book a FREE CALL BACK to learn more about how to benefit from our services.

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  • CDA 208.415.1850

Our partners

Our Executive Team

Our customer service is simply the best & we are GAP approved!
Summer D.M

Summer D.M

Client Relations

Summer is here to answer all your questions and to walk you through from start to finish.
Jason Miller

Jason Miller

Project Coordinator

Jason handles project coordination for all our  clients to make the process seamless.
Stella Keller

Stella Keller

Executive Designer

Stella ensures all Accounting & Bookkeeping services are GAP Compliant.